Family Histories

Sharing Stories

After creating your family tree, what do you do with all that information? Many people interested in genealogy write a family history or fill in the gaps on one interesting ancestor and present that story in photos or a multi-media show. Maybe your story isn't even about a person. Perhaps the family home or historic artifact that's been handed down for generations deserves to have more attention brought to it. Will future generations know its special meaning if you don't document it now? Whatever and however you decide to tell descendants about your family, RGS is providing a spot for you to showcase that.

If you would like to have your work on our site, please contact The RGS Marketing Committee will review your submission and let you know if it meets our website requirements. If it does, it will be published on our Family History page.

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Stories to Read

Have a genealogical good time reading through these documents. You may find your own surnames listed, but even if you don't, oftentimes someone else's story gives you insight into your own ancestors - the time and place they lived, cultural mores, and research ideas. Thank you to our RGS members who shared their findings and creative works.

Bradford Francis Crandall

Christian Anton Florack